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Reflexology for Fertility

Having  spent 7 years trying to conceive I understand what it means to a couple  who may just be embarking on their fertility journey, or who may have been on it for some time, and perhaps have hit some stumbling blocks. I have a great deal of knowledge in this area having experienced two miscarriages (one "missed miscarriage" not realised until the 12 week scan) and  two ectopic pregnancies (one requiring emergency surgery and resulting in the loss of a fallopian tube, the other treated with drugs) and know how difficult and stressful a time this can be. My journey  through this, and as a reflexologist since 2001, has lead me to want to help other couples wherever I possibly can and, to that end, I now offer Reflexology for Fertility.

Reflexology works by activating the reflex points and encouraging the body to 'self-heal' and rebalance. It reduces stress and increases relaxation and may create a healthier environment for conception to occur (please note that everyone responds differently to reflexology and there is no guarantee that conception will occur). Reflexology helps to create a balance in the physical body and the emotional body by inducing deep relaxation and, as such, can help both partners from an early stage, cleansing the body in preparation for healthy functioning of all systems. It allows you to take control of your own fertility, achieve a regular cycle (women) and therefore understand your most fertile days.

Reflexology for Fertility can be used as early in the journey to pregnancy as required i.e. you may have only just started 'trying' and not experienced any problems but want to give yourselves the best possible chance. This is the best time  to start as it is  the least stressful stage. 

For those couples that have been trying for a while but simply nothing has happened it can take the stress out of the situation and help re-balance the body.  If there are underlying medical conditions such as Endometriosis that are making it more difficult to conceive then these issues can be helped to increase the chances of conception.

And for those couples who have experienced losses (like myself) or come across other issues such as secondary infertility (where  you have one child already but are struggling to conceive a second), it can still be of great benefit as Reflexology for Fertility can support couples  at specific times alongside medical help i.e. in the period leading up to taking Clomid (a drug used to stimulate ovulation) or before IVF injections for  harvesting, and for the period between harvesting and implantation, to help increase the likelihood of the success of the IVF treatment.

Wherever you are in your journey, rest assured I will do my utmost to assist you.

To book, or for more information, please text/call 07790775110

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